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Currently for sale on Amazon Kindle.

The big six
This book is an outdoor adventure novel most suitable for mid-teens and their parents. It is for sale on Amazon Kindle and is also under consideration for hardcopy publishing.


About the cover painting:
The author painted the cover picture in oils. It illustrates a scene from Chapter 14 of the book, when the youngsters view a nyala antelope (tragelaphus angasii) drinking calmly at a small pool of water in the golden sunlight of early morning.

About this book:
This novel tells the story of six teenagers, representing diverse races and both genders, who are lost for a week in a “big-five” game park in South Africa. They must rely on their wits as well as collaboration to survive the threats posed by the wild game animals of the African savannah and bushveld. The big five pose the greatest threats.
The main character John has charge of the others when his mother leaves their bush camp to fetch his father. Prompted by two older boys in the group, he defies his parent’s instructions and agrees to the party crossing a wide riverbed to observe the predations of a fish eagle. The river floods its banks. When the rising waters cut them off from their camp, the children lose their way. They must overnight in lion country.
John must now lead the group to safety. Initial bantering and bullying give way to threats of violence as one stressful incident follows another when the youngsters encounter each of Africa's `big five' dangerous game animals…


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