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Currently for sale on Amazon Kindle.

Shaka: The story of a Zulu king
The book is an adult historical adventure novel. It is for sale on Amazon Kindle.

About the cover painting:
The author painted the cover illustration in oils. It provides an image of the Zulu king Shaka ka Senzangakhona dressed in full regalia, and is based on years of detailed study. Showing the king in his prime, the painting is arguably the most accurate extant portrayal of this fascinating historical figure.

About this book:
The book is an historical novel that tells of the origins of the Zulu nation, and the birth, rise to power and death of King Shaka ka Senzangakhona, also known as Shaka Zulu, most notable amongst a long line of remarkable monarchs. The author describes his boyhood years, assumption of the Zulu leadership, and defeat and incorporation of numerous Natal and Zululand tribes and clans. It also deals with his relations with the sometimes manipulative and devious Port Natal traders, and assassination after the loss of his mother Nandi brought on increasing, schizophrenic mood swings that worked to the detriment of the nation as a whole.
The author has based this book on years of detailed research, with much reliance on older sources such as the James Stuart Archives and A.T. Bryant. It also reflects the work of other reputable, more recent authors. As a novel, it tracks the historical record as accurately as feasible, and relies on probability rather than fantasy and pure imagination where the dictates of novel construction demand. The result has been a lively interpretation.
The author has endeavoured to address directly the more robust and harsh aspects of the king’s behaviour, but to also give credit where it is due; that is, to reflect on his generosity, nobility, and even compassion where instances are available in the historical record.

Although it is based on the study of a wide range of excellent research documents as well as personal experience of the various geographical areas covered, the author has written this book as a novel. It contains imagined dialogue written in everyday, current English for clarity.
The writer has interpreted events in the light of historical ‘certainty’, probability, or possibility. He has designed the book, therefore, to provoke imaginative thought on the part of the reader by complementing, supplementing, and amplifying other authoritative texts and records. The text of the novel is a general guide to events, and not the ultimate source of information on any of the topics covered. Interested readers should read as much other verified material as possible to gain a wider understanding from more academically focused research sources. Some brilliant books and articles of exceptional quality are available on the history of the Zulu nation, and King Shaka in particular. South African libraries contain most of them.
Exploring this unique book invites the unconstrained use of personal imagination. It provides a challenging yet palatable way of learning about the rise of the Zulu nation under Shaka.


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