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Guide Culture Nature and Adventure Tours

About the cover painting:
The best way to learn the practices and ethics of guiding, as well as the cultural and natural history of a region, is through listening to, and observing, an experienced guide while walking through the live environment. That is how I first learnt the skills as a young man.
The guide was Hugh Dent, a remarkable icon of the conservation movement, who guided at the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi nature reserve in KwaZulu-Natal. Hugh interpreted the behaviour of wild creatures with unsurpassed brilliance, and knew a great deal of Zulu and ‘Western’ history besides. The excursions with Dent became great adventures in space and time. He interpreted culture and nature as integrated entities reinforcing each other, an approach that prompted the cover painting done by the author.
The painting shows a synthesis of ‘culture meeting nature.’ It depicts the historical Zulu King Shaka as a man of action leading his army across an African river. The imaginary clash shows the character of the king pitted against the threat posed by a powerful wild creature defending its riverine territory. Should the encounter have been real, the king’s life would no doubt have ended there. Accordingly, it is a symbolic representation. Our modern world is yet to experience the full backlash from nature. Interpreting culture and nature in an intelligent synthesis is a benchmark of good guiding.

As the author/artist who created them, Dr. Alex Coutts holds copyrights to the cover picture and all text of the book Guide Culture, Nature and Adventure Tours.

About this book:
Whether the tourist guide is thoroughly experienced after many years in the profession, or a baffled novice, he or she will find much of interest in the book. So will any enthusiastic traveller. It encompasses the practical management of diverse tours and excursions. The writer has focused on a wide range of interests, including culture, nature, adventure, mountains and battlefields. It also includes a section on organizing and ‘guiding’ your own tour or holiday.
While some chapters deal with the theory and ethics of guiding as a profession, others deal with the minutiae of managing oneself and guests on tour to meet physical, social and mental needs. A further section deals with operatorship and guiding viewed from the perspective of business. It accordingly touches on marketing, accounting and drawing up a business plan.
The author is an award-winning trainer of guides who co-wrote the motivation that won Tourism KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa the United Nations Ulysses Award for Tourism in 2007. South Africa was the first African country to do so.

This book provides condensed information only, and is designed to provoke thought by complementing, supplementing and amplifying other texts and records. You are urged to read as much other available material as possible and tailor the information to your individual needs. Every effort has been made to ensure that this book is as accurate and complete as possible within space constraints. There might nevertheless be errors, either content or typographical.
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